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Arendarcikas, Birute (2015) "'God so Loved the World, that He Was Born of a Woman'. Mary's Place in God's Loving of His Creation.". In: Orientale Lumen: Australasia and Oceania IV: "Churches East and West Questioning the Modern Context". Freedom Publishing, Bayswater, Victoria, pp. 67-74,. ISBN NA

Burns, Stephen (2015) "A Fragile Future for the Ordo?". In: Worship and Culture: Foreign Country or Homeland? Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, MI, pp. 143-160,. ISBN 978-0-8028-7158-9

Burns, Stephen (2015) "When Seminaries Get Stuck". In: Liturgy in Postcolonial Perspectives: Only One is Holy. Postcolonialism and Religions . Palgrave, New York, pp. 255-266,. ISBN 978-1-137-51635-0

Burns, Stephen and Monro, Anita (2015) "Inspecting the House of Public Theology". In: Pubic Theology and the Challenge of Feminism. Gender, Theology and Spirituality . Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 1-14,. ISBN 978-1-844465-8008

Byrne, Brendan (2015) Gospel. In: The Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and theology. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 432-437,. ISBN 9780190239947

Canavan, Rosemary (2015) Weaving Threads: Clothing in Colossae. In: Fragments of Colossae: Sifting Through the Traces. ATF Press, Hindmarsh, pp. 111-133,. ISBN 9781925232554

Capper, John Mark (2015) Teaching theology online in class. In: Teaching Theology in a Technological Age. Cambridge Scholars Publishers, Newcastle, UK, pp. 337-353,. ISBN 978-1-4438-8263-7

Charlesworth, Scott D. (2015) The Missiological Implications of a Counter-cultural Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: Reflections on Six and a Half Years in Papua New Guinea. In: Living in the House of Jesus: Essays on Critical Contextualization in Melanesia and Beyond. Archer Press, Auckland, pp. 1-20,. ISBN 987-- (In Press)

Confoy, Maryanne (2015) Religious Life in the Vatican II Era: State of Perfection of Living Charism? In: Fifty Years On: Probing the Riches of Vatican II. Michael Glazier Book, Liturgical Press, MN: Collegeville, pp. 391-418,. ISBN 978-0-8146-83019

Cronshaw, Darren J. (2015) Imagining a Renewed Story at AuburnLife: Utilising Congregational Timelines for Congregational Transformation. In: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. New Wineskins (1). Morling Press, Sydney, pp. 143-159,. ISBN 9780992275525

Cronshaw, Darren J. (2015) Introduction: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. In: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. New Wineskins (1). Morling Press, Sydney, pp. 10-16,. ISBN 9780992275525

Cronshaw, Darren J.; Chatelier, David; Lyons-Lee, Brent; Smith, Ryan and Wilkinson-Hayes, Anne (2015) A Contemporary Theology of Local Church Mission (in Global Perspective). In: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. Morling Press, Sydney, pp. 251-270,. ISBN 9780992275525

Cronshaw, Darren J. and Dewerse, Rosemary (2015) Introduction: We are Pilgrims. In: We are Pilgrims: Mission from, in and with the Margins of our Diverse World,. UNOH Publishing, Melbourne, pp. 13-23,. ISBN 9780994202345

Cronshaw, Darren J.; Wilson, Stacey; Yang, Meewon; Dah, Ner; Khia, Si; Kuung, Arohn and Lian, Japheth (2015) “God called us here for a reason” … Karen and Chin Baptist Churches in Victoria: Mission from the Margins of a Diaspora Community. In: We are Pilgrims: Mission from, in and with the Margins of our Diverse World. UNOH Publishing, Melbourne, pp. 263-278,. ISBN 9780994202345

Dalziel, James (2015) Developing Scenario Learning to Theological Education. In: Teaching Theology in a Technological Age. Cambridge Scholars Publishers, Newcastle, UK, pp. 17-29,. ISBN 978-1-4438-8263-7

Dalziel, James (2015) Reflections on the Art and Science of Learning Design and the Larnaca Declaration. In: The Art and Science of Learning Design. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, pp. 3-14,. ISBN 9789463001014

Dyer, Keith (2015) War, New Testament. In: Oxford Bibliographies. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 1-28,.

Flett, John (2015) What Does it Mean for a Congregation to be a Hermeneutic? In: The Gospel and Pluralism Today: Reassessing Lesslie Newbigin in the 21st Century. InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove IL, pp. 195-214,. ISBN 9780830898992

Goodwin, Denise (2015) A Practical Approach for Teaching Foundational Theology: Inquiry-based Learning and the Matrix of Ideas Process. In: Learning and Teaching Theology: The Way Ahead. Morning Star Publishing, Northcote, x-xx,. ISBN 9781925208191

Gormley-O'Brien, David Paul (2015) Re-inventing homemaking: a necessary and ethical means of production in a post-growth, ecologically sustainable economy. In: Technofutures, nature and the sacred. Ashgate Publishing Limited, Farnham, England, pp. 159-174,. ISBN 978-1-4724-4410-3

Guess, Deborah (2015) The Desert Fathers and Mothers. In: Heroes of the faith. Garratt Publishing, Mulgrave, pp. 69-73,. ISBN 9781925009866

Heard, Gary D. (2015) Four Questions to Ask when Leading a Church into Change. In: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. Morling Press, Sydney, pp. 154-166,. ISBN 9780992275525

Hettiarachchi, Shanthikumar (2015) Core Affinities of Buddhist-Christian Discipleship: An Attempt to Recover a Spiritual Ecumenism. In: A Journey of Peace: Forty Years in a Dialogical Pilgrimage (Festschrift volume in honour of Dr. Abraham Karickam). Cosmic Community Centre , Kerala, x-xx,. ISBN 98xxxxxxxx

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Jackson, Darrell R. (2015) Conclusion: does the Future have a Church? In: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. Morling Press, Macquarie Park, pp. 271-277,. ISBN 9780992275525

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Kavunkal, Jacob (2015) Das Heil findet sich in vielen Religionen. In: Evangelisierung: Die Freude des Evangeliums miteinander teilen. Theologie der einen welt (9). Herder, Freiburg, pp. 271-289,. ISBN 978-3-451-33619-5

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Massam, Katharine (2015) Stories of our Founders: Women of the PWMU in Australia and Vanuatu. In: Vanuatu Women in Leadership: Foundations. Papers from the ‘Women in Leadership Conference held in Melbourne November. Gospel Vanuatu Books, Box Hill, Victoria, pp. 15-30,. ISBN 9780957898660

May, John D'Arcy (2015) Political Theology Revisited. In: Mining Truths: Festschrift in Honour of Geraldine Smyth OP - Ecumenical Theologian and Peacebuilder. EOS Verlag, St Ottilien, pp. 537-554,. ISBN 9783830677468

Monaghan, Christopher J. (2015) The Death of Jesus in the Letter to the Hebrews. In: Pasion de Jesucristo. San Pablo, Madrid, pp. 804-816,. ISBN 978-84-285-4687-4

Monaghan, Christopher J. (2015) Pablo apóstol y la Pasión de Jesús. In: Pasión de Jesucristo. San Pablo, Madrid, pp. 745-756,. ISBN 9788428546874

Monaghan, Christopher J. (2015) Pasión de Cristo en la carta a los hebreos. In: Pasión de Jesucristo. San Pablo, Madrid, pp. 804-816,. ISBN 9788428546874

Monaghan, Christopher J. (2015) Paul the Apostle and the Passion of Jesus. In: Pasion de Jesucristo. San Pablo, Madrid, pp. 745-756,. ISBN 978-84-285-4687-4

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Nguyen, Dinh Anh Nhue (2015) La gioia negli Scritti di san Francesco d’Assisi e nell’‘Evangelii gaudium’. Note comparative. In: Evangelii gaudium: riflessioni francescane. Edizioni Messaggero, Padova, pp. 121-141,. ISBN 9788825037548

Nguyen, Dinh Anh Nhue (2015) La teologia della gioia e il suo fondamento nell’‘Evangelii gaudium’. Lettura e commento in prospettiva esegetico-biblica. In: Evangelii gaudium: riflessioni francescane. Edizioni Messaggero, Padova, pp. 11-49,. ISBN 9788825037548

Nguyen, Dinh Anh Nhue (2015) The universal voice of wisdom in the family: reading a biblical parental discourse (Prov 23: 5-28) in the context of ancient Near Eastern instructions and Vietnamese folk sayings. In: The Bible and Asian culture: reading the Word of God in its cultural background and in the Vietnamese context. Gregorian & Biblical Press, Roma, pp. 19-58,. ISBN 9788876536816

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O'Brien, Glen (2015) Conclusion. In: Methodism in Australia: A History. Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey and Burlington, VA, pp. 273-278,. ISBN 978-1472429483

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O'Brien, Mark (2015) The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies in Twentieth Century Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. In: Hebrew Bible, Old Testament: the history of its interpretation / Vol. III, From modernism to post-modernism (the nineteenth and twentieth centuries) / Magne Sæbø. Part 2, The twentieth century: from modernism to post-modernism. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, pp. 269-284,. ISBN 9783525540220

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O'Collins, Gerald (2015) The Philosophical Theology of Stephen Davis. Does it coincide with Fundamental Theology? In: Christian philosophy of religion: essays in honor of Stephen T. Davis. University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, pp. 345-353,. ISBN 9780268040376

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Park, Jong Soo (2015) Curriculum as Software: A Digital-Based Approach. In: Teaching Theology in a Technological Age. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, pp. 220-236,. ISBN 978-1443882637

Playoust, Catherine (2015) "'I thank my God about you always' (1 Cor 1:4): Pauline insights toward pastoral theologies of location for the churches of Oceania today". In: Bridging the Divide Between Faith, Theology and Life: The Church in Oceania. Explorations in Practical Theology . ATF Theology, Adelaide, pp. 49-72,. ISBN 9781925232653

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Prior, John (2015) From Fatalism to Empowerment: Intercultural Hermeneutics across Generations. In: New Perspectives on Intercultural Reading of the Bible. Institute of Mennonite Studies, Indiana, USA, pp. 137-157,. ISBN http://www.0-936273-78-X

Prior, John (2015) How Does the Catholic Church deal with the New Religious Movements in a Constructive Way (Focus on Asia)? In: Evangelicals, Pentecostal Churches, Charismatics: new Religious Movements as a Challenge for the Catholic Church. Claretian Communications Foundations, Quezon City, Philippines, pp. 235-273,. ISBN 978-621-8009-15-8

Prior, John (2015) Hukum Adat dan Hukum Positif Berseberangan: Mana Peran Teologi Kristen? Catatan dari Pulau Flores. In: Teologi Tanah: Perspektif Kristen terhadap Ketidakadilan Sosio-ekologis di Indonesia. Yayasan OASE INTIM, Makassar, Indonesia, pp. 51-76,. ISBN 978-602-14830-3-9

Prior, John (2015) Kudengar Suara-Suara yang Tidak Sudi Dibungkam: Berbagai Langgam, Tema, Pola – Menyisir Kemungkinan Struktur Makro dalam The Stranger-Kings of Sikka. In: Pemburu yang Cekatan: Anjangsana Bersama Karya-karya E. Douglas Lewis. Penerbit Ledalero, Maumere, Indonesia, pp. 169-196,. ISBN 978-602-1161-03-6

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Prior, John (2015) Masa Lalu Tak Pernah Mati, Bahkan Tak Pernah Berlalu: Catatan Seputar Pembantaian Terencana di Maumere, Februari-April 1966 [The Past never Dies, Indeed it Never Passes: Notes on the Systematic Slaughter in Maumere, February-April 1966]. In: Berani berhenti berbohong: 50 tahun pascaperistiwa 1965-1966. Penerbit Ledalero, Maumere, pp. 38-68,. ISBN 9786021161173

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Books / Monographs


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Conference Papers

Hettiarachchi, Shanthikumar (2015) Buddhist and Christian Reading of Eco-Spirituality as an Ethical Praxis. In: Holy Books Conference, Kerala.

Lenehan, Kevin A. (2015) The Dialogue of Salvation in Changing Contexts: The Challenges of Gravissimum Educationis. In: LEST X International Conference, The Letter and the Spirit: On the Forgotten Documents of Vatican II, 26-29 Oct 2015, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. (Submitted to be assessed for publication)

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