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Enough Bread Talk - I'm Outta Here!
2023-03 Lambert, Catherine ; Australian Women Preach ; Eastwood, Michelle ; Coloe, Mary
This reflection on John 6:60-69 was first preached on the podcast "Australian Women Preach". It is now included in this collection of reflections from the podcast.
"Into your soul from my divine mouth": Beguine mystics, edge dwellers and inner authority
(Coolamon: Journal of the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction ) 2022-09 Lambert, Catherine
This article explores how the beguine mystics of the thirteenth century were able to develop their own inner spiritual authority in a time when women had no power in society. These aspects are then related to contemporary women who feel they are on the edge of the institutional church. It is argued that the beguines are an important spiritual resources for these women as they navigate their own discovery of their spiritual authority.
Book Review - Imagination in an Age of Crisis
(Journal of Contemporary Ministry ) 2023-03 Lambert, Catherine
Book review of Imagination in an Age of Crisis edited by Jason Goroncy and Rod Pattenden

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