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  • Publication
    Creating a Welcoming Space: Reflections on Church and Mission - Essays to Honour Larry Nemer, SVD
    2014-09 Kelly, Michael ; Monaghan, Chris ; Fishburn, Ross ; Price, Peter ; Fishburn, Ross ; Kelly, Michael ; Monaghan, Chris
    The book honours an esteemed colleague and reflects his disciplinary interests in church history and missiology. There are thirteen chapters divided into three sections: foundational perspectives, honouring the historical and mission in a changing world. The chapters are by: Robert Schreiter, Stephen Bevans, Dianne Bergant, William R. Burrows, Roger Schroeder, Ian Breward, Peter Price, Michael T. Seigel, Robert Kisala, Paul Beirne, Randall Prior, Ross Langmead and John Mansfield Prior.
  • Publication
    John Henry Cardinal Newman and Papal Infallibility
    (Pacifica; 24 (1) ) 2011-02 Price, Peter
    Cardinal Newman's understanding and interpretation of Papal Infallibility has had a lasting influence on Catholic belief in regard to the doctrine, defined at the First Vatican Council (1869–1870). The definition of the doctrine, and the Council which was its catalyst, created the context for the tension that Newman encountered in the church of his time, and indeed within himself, between doctrinal authority and the freedom to explore the boundaries of doctrine that he believed to be essential for its development. This study considers the issue, not so much from Newman's formal scholarly works, but mainly from his letters, where Newman may be the more easily discovered in his natural form.
  • Publication
    The Cardinal Manning papers: searching for missing sources
    2014 Price, Peter ; Fishburn, Ross ; Kelly, Michael ; Price, Peter