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  • Publication
    Feasts of Glory: In East and West
    2015 Arendarcikas, Birute
    This book reveals the deep connections between the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches by contrasting the artistic, liturgical and theological parallels that are found in the hidden treasures of the Eastern and Western traditions. Most of the cycle of icons presented in this book are a unique and local treasure in themselves and are the work of the Russian Orthodox iconographer Antonina Ganin. This wonderful collection of the icons of the Great Feasts can be viewed in situ at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God adjacent to the Hall.
  • Publication
    "'God so Loved the World, that He Was Born of a Woman'. Mary's Place in God's Loving of His Creation."
    (Australasian Catholic Record; 91 (2) ) 2014-04 Arendarcikas, Birute
    Arendarcikas, Birute Since the Second Vatican Council and the historic embrace of Paul VI and the Patriarch of Constantinople Athenagoras I in January 1964, the pope and the hierarchs of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches have, after centuries of mutual separation, embraced each other once again as sister churches. On many occasions the pope and the hierarchs of the respective churches have drawn attention to the loving veneration of, and special devotion to, Mary, the Mother of God, which both churches hold in common and which unite them as sister churches. In his apostolic exhortation Marialis Cultus on devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Paul VI affirms that 'in venerating with particular love the glorious Theotokos and in acclaiming her as the "Hope of Christians", Catholics unite themselves with their brethren of the Orthodox Churches, in which devotion to the Blessed Virgin finds its expression in a beautiful lyricism and in solid doctrine'. Similarly, in a shared homily with Pope John Paul II, delivered during Vespers in the Basilica of St Mary Major in Rome on 5 December 1987, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Dimitrios I said: Of all the entire Christian world our two sister Churches have maintained throughout the centuries unextinguished the flame of devotion to the most venerated person of the all holy Mother of God, dedicating to her the finest and most inspired artistic works of song, architecture and painting, turning to her sweetest figure the hearts' desires and the hopes of the devout people of every epoch
  • Publication
    "'God so Loved the World, that He Was Born of a Woman'. Mary's Place in God's Loving of His Creation."
    2015 Arendarcikas, Birute ; Cross, Lawrence ; Arendarcikas, Birute
    The person of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a cherished element in all of the apostolic churches, East and West. This paper attempts to contribute to a deeper appreciation both of Mariology and its relation to other areas of Christian theology, primarily in the light of Alexander Schmemann's theology of Mary. In his work The Journals of Father Alexander Schmemann 1973-1983 (2000) Schmemann wrote: lithe Orthodox man begins with the 'end', with the experience, the breakthrough, the very reality of God, the Kingdom, Life - and only afterwards does he clarify it, but in relation to the experience he has had". Accordingly, Schmemann's theology of Mary is clearly experiential. It arises from the catholic and living experience of the church. This paper will focus primarily on Schmemann's series of sermons on "The Mother of God", uncovering some of his theological insights of Mary. This paper will argue that Mary is a significant part of the answer to the question of what Christians of the East and of the West have to offer by way of response to our increasingly dehumanised and alienated world.
  • Publication
    God's Holy Fire: A Theology of the Icon
    2014 Cooke, Brendan ; Cross, Lawrence ; Quinlan, Andrew ; Arendarcikas, Birute ; Leach, Joseph