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  • Publication
    The Rills and Rivers of F.W.Boreham's Preaching
    (The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research; 2 (October) ) 2007 Enticott, David
    Frank William Boreham (1871-1959) had a significant influence on Baptist churches throughout New Zealand and Australia. He was a noted essayist, author and minister, who served Baptist churches in Mosgiel (N.Z.), Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) and Armadale (Victoria, Australia). This article is devoted to examining Boreham's earliest sermon manuscripts, taken from a collection held by the Baptist Union of Victoria. No other scholarly research has been done to date on these works. The semons derive from Boreham's period as a minister in England from 1891-1894, prior to him leaving for New Zealand in 1895. These sermons were delivered at a variety of locations around London, such as: Brixton and Theydon Bois. The task of this research has been to examine what kind of influences were prevalent in the manuscripts. The paper finds that the following factors shaped Boreham's early preaching: a love of nature and stories, a desire to be practical, a stronly evangelistic theology, ministry models such as F. B. Meyer, Joseph Parker and C. H. Spurgeon, training at Spurgeon's College and experience as a student Minister at Theydon Bois. The conclusion drawn is that at this early stage, Boreham had not yet found a way to bring his distinctive personality and preaching style into his messages. It would not be until F. W. Boreham started his ministry in New Zealand and Australia that he would allow his unique voice to be shared form the pulpit.
  • Publication
    Finding His Voice: The Sermons of F.W. Boreham (1888-1916)
    2009-05-08 Enticott, David
    This thesis investigates the development of the preaching ministry of F.W. Boreham between 1888-1916. By examining sermon manuscripts, the thesis explores Boreham’s maturation as a preacher, the various influences by which his preaching was affected, and the way in which he finally found his own homiletical voice.