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  • Publication
    A Sinner and a Pharisee: Challenge at Simon’s Table in Luke 7:36-50
    (Pacifica; 24 (3) ) 2011-10 Crabbe, Kylie
    Abstract currently unavailable on this website.
  • Publication
    Transforming Tables: Meals as Encounters with the Kingdom in Luke
    2010 Crabbe, Kylie
    This discussion explores Lukan meal scenes as encounters with the Kingdom of God. Addressing the limitations of some other approaches, the thesis argues that the meals create a liminal space which brings to life the challenge and opportunity of responding to Jesus' proclamation. Initially, the study outlines background material on meal traditions Luke inherited - both those derived from Greco-Roman symposia and from tradiditons within Judaism. It then describes Jesus' proclamation of release and acceptance, and the Kingdom of God as presented in Luke, in order to demonstrate the ways in which meals embody this proclamation. Finally, the study considers two meal scenes in detail, Luke 7:36-50 and 14:1-24, and draws conclusions about the challenge to transformation which takes place in Lukan meals.