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    The atonement in the light of human and divine suffering
    (Lutheran Theological Journal; 48 (3) ) 2014-12 Worthing, Mark
    In theologies of the atonement the starting point is often the problem of human sin. While not discounting the importance of the role of sin this article explores the significance of so divine and human suffering for the atonement, with special focus on the biblical texts about God's experience of pain and the role of Christ's suffering on the cross in overcoming suffering through suffering.
  • Publication
    Deep Incarnation and the Redemptive Suffering of Christ for All Creation
    2020 Worthing, Mark ; Peters, Ted ; Turner, Marie
  • Publication
    Sin and Salvation
    2003-05 Reid, Duncan ; Worthing, Mark ; Reid, Duncan ; Worthing, Mark ; Schwarz, Hans ; Russell, Robert J ; Peters, Ted ; Lockart, Peter ; Hudson, Rosalie ; Edwards, Denis ; Campbell, Wes ; Lockwood, Peter ; Byrne, Brendan
    A collection of essays on the themes of sin and salvation by Australian scholars.