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  • Publication
    How we see each other
    (The interfaith observer ) 2019 Byrne, Libby
  • Publication
    Excavating evidence from experience
    (Journal of applied arts and health; 5 (2) ) 2014 Byrne, Libby
    This article addresses the challenge of excavating the evidence from our lived experience with arts and health, describing the impact of direct personal experience with art making on health, and of an inter-subjective aesthetic experience. This material, derived from a studio practice of painting that explored the experience of multiple sclerosis (MS), was presented as a case story at the Evidence in a Different Form Conference in 2013, and the kinds of evidence noted by the group are reported.
  • Publication
    The Nature of Things: Reprise
    2018 Byrne, Libby
    Libby's piece was a finalist in the Mandorla Art Award for contemporary religious art, Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize. Mixed media on canvas, 102cm x 152cm, Kay and Linton Galleries, Perth, WA.
  • Publication
    Seeking meaning: Making art and the experience of spirituality in dementia care
    (Journal of religion, spirituality & aging; 24 (1) ) 2012 Byrne, Libby
    How do people find meaning in the experience of dementia? Can people living with dementia be supported in meaningful activities that may alleviate depression and increase their sense of well-being? Many programs are offered for people in residential aged care, but little is known about the effectiveness of these programs. This article reports on the qualitative component of a study engaging 15 older adults with dementia and depression in a program of person-centered art making. The weekly facilitated study groups met over an 18-month period, with a three-month follow up. The importance of engagement in the process of art making is emphasised.
  • Publication
    Draw near in faith, and.... Brooklyn
    Byrne, Libby
  • Publication
    The Art of Exclusion and Embrace
    (Journal of Disability and Religion ) 2016-12-15 Byrne, Libby
    This article considers the themes of exclusion and embrace, noting how they are embedded within the author's own art-making practice, a recent doctoral inquiry into the theological question of the art of healing, and within her life with multiple sclerosis. The article addresses how art can be a remedy for the experience of social exclusion that can accompany illness and disability. It also addresses the need for art as a remedy for the experience of separation that follows when we attempt to exclude the possibility of illness and disability from a normal, healthy life. This article was delivered to open an Art Exhibition at the “Exclusion and Embrace: Disability, Justice & Spirituality Conference” in Melbourne, Australia on August 21, 2016.
  • Publication
    Healing Art and the Art of Healing
    2016-02 Byrne, Libby
    This study developed and trialed an art-based method of systematic theological inquiry to explore the nature of healing in the absence of cure. The practice of making, being with and seeing art over time, enabled the researcher to identify the Presence, Vulnerability and Desire of God within the art of healing.
  • Publication
    Art Therapy and Spirituality
    2018 Byrne, Libby ; Lindsay, Carey ; Bernice, Mathieson
  • Publication
    Byrne, Libby ; Pryor, Rebekah
    As presented in Dr Rebekah Pryor's Holy, Honest Confluences: Exhibition Catalogue, 2019. Mixed media on canvas, 152 x 105cm, pg 25.
  • Publication