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  • Publication
    Hemorrhaging Faith: An Australian Response in Exile
    (Australian Ejournal of Theology ) 2016-04 Wilson, Stacey ; Cronshaw, Darren ; Lewis, Rowan
    Australia recently had the opportunity to consider the results of a Canadian research project Hemorrhaging Faith through a series of conferences in capital cities. The conferences sponsored a conversation between those who played an active role initiating the Hemorrhaging Faith research and a number of Australian researchers and practitioners who considered the research findings in the light of our context. This article offers an Australian critical review of the Hemorrhaging Faith report. It will consider whether Australian churches are also hemorrhaging young people in much the same way as Canadian research would suggest, or whether the situation may be conceived more accurately as one of exodus or exile. The article plots a course for the ongoing discussion we believe we need in Australia concerning the interpretation and implications of this story.
  • Publication
    Re-valuing research in theological education
    (Higher Education Research and Development Journal ) 2020 Cronshaw, Darren
  • Publication
    The Shaping of Things Now: Emerging Church Mission and Innovation in 21st Century Melbourne
    2009 Cronshaw, Darren
    ‘Emerging churches’ claim they express new forms of mission and innovation appropriate for post-Christendom. Using a case study approach with participant-observation, interviews and surveys, this study analyses three such churches in Melbourne: Eastern Hills, Urban Life and Solace. Drawing on Peter Senge’s organisational analysis, this study concludes that at their best they are ‘learning organisations’ that foster incarnational mission, inclusive community, empowering leadership and planned change. In some areas their reality does not match the kind of rhetoric found, for example, in Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch, The Shaping of Things to Come. Significantly, the three emerging churches are not reaching as many unchurched people as their ideals suggest and some of their decision processes are haphazard. This gap between ideals and experience provides creative tension that invites ongoing evaluation and learning about the shaping of mission and leadership for 21st-century churches.
  • Publication
    Look Beyond the Mask: What We Ignore about Family & Domestic Violence Can Kill’
    (Australian Army Chaplaincy Journal ) 2005 Cronshaw, Darren
  • Publication
    An Elephant in the Room: University Chaplains Nurturing Healthy Religious Diversity through Respectful Dialogue
    (Journal of Beliefs and Values: studies in religion and education; 42 (4) ) 2021 Daddy, Newton ; Cronshaw, Darren
  • Publication
    Mission and the Local Church
    (Australian Journal of Mission Studies; 5 (2) ) 2011-12 Cronshaw, Darren
    Editorial of Australian Journal of Mission Studies December 2011.
  • Publication
    Strengthening inter-cultural literacy and minority voices through narratives of healthy religious pluralism in higher education
    (International Journal of Inclusive Education; 25 (10) ) 2021 Daddow, Angela ; Sandy, Ruth ; Daddow, Newton ; Cronshaw, Darren
  • Publication
    Hopeful cross-cultural encounters to support student well-being and graduate attributes in higher education
    (Journal of Studies in International Education; 39 (1) ) 2020 Daddow, Angela ; Daddow, Newton ; Sandy, Ruth ; Cronshaw, Darren
  • Publication
    Local churches in mission through word and deed: A case study of Baptist Churches in Victoria using the National Church Life Survey
    (Australian Journal of Mission Studies; 5 (2) ) 2011-12 Powell, Ruth ; Sterland, Sam ; Cronshaw, Darren
    At a time when interest in God and church is declining in Australia, Baptist churches in Victoria are responding by expressing their mission in word and deed. The National Church Life Survey 2006 shows that Victorian Baptist church participants are expressing a wide range of informal acts of service, slightly greater than average Australian church statistics and slightly greater than Victorian Baptists in 2001. There is also a significant increase in church acts of service and high levels of volunteerism. Victorian Baptists also continue to show a high commitment to faith-sharing, but their readiness to share faith is slightly declining. They express difficulty in sharing their faith in everyday language to a greater degree than average, but more frequently feel free to discuss their faith at home. The majority are open to inviting others to church, but need opportunities to connect with people outside the church. Victorian Baptists are developing more holistic expressions of mission especially with acts of service, but their evangelistic engagement in some areas is slightly declining. These NCLS findings point to the need for training and modelling of new ways for Victorian Baptists, and all Australian Christians, to be maximise the benefit of their deeds of service and to be ready and able to share their faith in meaningful ways.
  • Publication
    A Contemporary Theology of Local Church Mission (in Global Perspective)
    2015-05 Lyons-Lee, Brent ; Smith, Ryan ; Cronshaw, Darren ; Wilkinson-Hayes, Anne ; Chatelier, David ; Wilkinson-Hayes, Anne ; Cronshaw, Darren ; Jackson, Darrell
    The Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV), in common with many churches and denominations in the Western world, is realising it meeds to revisit its purpose – what is its earthy use? Inspired by Micah 6:8, the BUV Mission Catalyst team has developed a contemporary theology of local church mission, in global perspective. Local church mission is firstly spiritual and starts with discipleship and listening to God (walking humbly with God). Second, local church mission is radically inclusive of people and groups across all sorts of boundaries and especially cultural diversity (loving kindness). Third, local church mission is transformational and fosters peace or shalom in our neighbourhoods and our world (committed to doing justice). The local church in mission ought to be good news and caring for individuals, communities, society and the environment.