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  • Publication
    The Suffering of God in the Eternal Decree: A Critical Study of Karl Barth on Election
    2019 de Vera, Nixon
    This thesis seeks to provide a critical engagement with Karl Barth’s conception of divine suffering, as expressed in his doctrine of election in the Church Dogmatics (specifically II/1–2 and IV/1–2). The underlying research question is to ask whether or not Barth’s God is a suffering God and, if so, what precisely he means by that in view of modalistic Monarchianism. The thesis engages with Jürgen Moltmann, Robert Jenson and, more recently, Mark Lindsay on this topic. Insofar as the research question intersects with Barth’s doctrine of election, the recent “Barth wars” (as represented by George Hunsinger on the one hand, and Bruce McCormack on the other) are necessarily alluded to, but are not a major focus. The interconnectedness of election, crucifixion, and (im)passibility in Barth’s theology is explored, in order to ask whether the suffering of Jesus Christ is also a statement about the Trinity.
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    The God of the Covenant: Karl Barth on Creation Care
    (Religions; 12 (5) ) 2021-05 de Vera, Nixon
    This article seeks to explore the identity of the Creator God in Karl Barth’s doctrine of creation. Attention is given to his understanding of the eternal covenant God has made with humanity and how we are cared for within a covenantal fellowship. The study also concerns itself with how Barth’s distaste for the notion of analogia entis is somewhat unsustained in his treatment of creation. I argue that, to some extent, the analogy of being vis-à-vis the cosmos is complementarily employed with analogia fides in Barth’s articulation of creation care. This is the case as he reconfigures the talk on creation rigidly in and through Jesus Christ as Creator and creature.
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  • Publication
    Perfectionism in Adventist History
    (Spectrum ) 2021-03 de Vera, Nixon
    This article seeks to critically analyse the ever-changing Adventist stance on perfectionism from 1888 to 1976. The facts presented betray the seeming hands-off attitude of the church to address the theological divine amongst leaders and scholars after the Palmdale Conference. It is proposed to decisively settle the issue to mark a watershed for soterio-eschatological statements members can be confident of.