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  • Publication
    “A Silence like Thunder: Pastoral and Theological responses of Australian Pentecostal-Charismatic churches to LGBTQ individuals.”
    2017 Jennings, Mark ; Wilkinson, M. ; Althouse, P.
    I used to always feel as though the church was always talking about the "invisible children" around the world, when all the while there was a whole community of invisible children sitting amongst the congregation. Nothing was ever relevant to us-relationships seminars, Valentine's Day, women's conferences, men's conferences, the entire community was set up to be heterocentric, so when you come out you have no choice but to leave because there really is no self-respect in staying inside a community that holds up a banner saying "welcome home" while simultaneously rejecting your very presence by silence. The silence was like thunder to me. (JY, personal communication with the author)