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  • Publication
    The Hidden Stream: The Contemplative Tradition in the Spirituality of The Salvation Army.
    2009-05-08 Faragher, Christine
    While Salvationist spirituality is typically perceived in terms of evangelism and social activism, this thesis argues that the Contemplative Tradition is an equally important element of Salvation Army spirituality. Further, it demonstrates that this aspect of Salvationist spirituality has had a significant impact on the Army’s ministry of Spiritual Direction.
  • Publication
    Challenging history and telling herstory: an interdisciplinary exploration of the intersection of claims for equality and women’s lived experiences of officership in The Salvation Army in Australia.
    2023 Faragher, Christine
    The Salvation Army began with a seemingly clear commitment to the equality of women and men in ministry, however, this narrative is contradicted by women’s lived experience of officership. A significant gap exists between the ideal and the real. This thesis explores the contours of the gap, revealing its historical, theological, cultural, and practical origins. Utilising a feminist hermeneutic of suspicion, it challenges the dominant historical narrative regarding Catherine Mumford-Booth and her written defences of women’s preaching and ministry roles. In doing so, it recovers a more grounded and life-giving image of this important historical figure. Its empirical work also allows the voices of contemporary Australian women officers to be heard, revealing the ways in which gendered inequality has been manifested and experienced in their ministry lives. It suggests theological resources for moving towards reimagined gender relations within the movement and the closure of the gap.