Still Not Reading Barth

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On September 1, 2013, I posted my second ever blog post, knowing very well that I was about to deeply upset a determined and loud element of the Christian theological community. It was a blog post that came nine days after I had submitted my doctoral thesis for examination. The timing was not insignificant—I’d finally fulfilled my requirements as a research student in systematic theology and could now offer a candid, less afraid, evaluation of the theological community I had unwittingly joined. It was a blogsphere event that marked me in ways I am still mapping and tracing today. What follows comes in two parts: the original post of 2013 and a new post, if you like, or a reception history that is at once coolly objective and deeply personal. A further foray into the sub-culture’s furore over a nobody Australian woman who didn’t want to read the swiss theologian, Karl Barth. And as the chapter title makes clear, I am still here, still not reading Barth.
C - Systematic Theology
Janice McRandal, “Still not reading Barth”. In Women And Public Theology: Emerging Voices. Edited by Elissa Cutter and Alison Murray. Paulist Press, 2024.