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University of Divinity Repository Collection Policy


The purpose of the University of Divinity Repository is to create a consolidated archive of research associated with the University of Divinity, its journal (Pacifica), and its Research Institutes, to ensure preservation of this output and enable the widest possible access to it.


To maintain the intellectual quality of the content of the repository, all items must be either:

  • Scholarly work published, accepted or submitted for publication in a refereed journal or conference proceedings, or as a book or book chapter; OR
  • Material deposited on the advice of the University of Divinity Director of Research, an RTI Research Coordinator, or the Director of a Research Institute

Items may include:

  • Book chapters
  • Books/monographs
  • Conference papers
  • Data sets
  • "Enduring" teaching material of a substantial nature that forms an independent work of scholarly value (e.g., unpublished case study)
  • Formal public lectures
  • Literary works, art works, or musical compositions
  • Published articles
  • Research essays (with the support of the relevant University of Divinity Chair of Examiners)
  • Research reports
  • Theses (if awarded a grade of H2A or above)

Items must be deposited in pdf format, unless the content of the item requires a different format.

Materials will be open access whenever possible, in accord with all relevant government and ethical requirements; that is, freely available on the Internet without conditions or cost. If restrictions apply, only metadata associated with the items will be available.

Compulsory and Voluntary Submission

As metadata will be extracted from the repository to meet DEEWR reporting requirements relating to research activity, details of all research books, chapters in research books, refereed journal articles and refereed conference presentations must be submitted, even when the full text of the material is not being deposited in the repository. Submissions for other categories of material is voluntary.

Copyright/Intellectual Property

Items will be available for public view only as agreed by the author, the publisher and any relevant third party.

Removal of Items

Items will be removed from the Repository if:

  • The journal in which the paper is formally published requires it
  • The item proves to be plagiarised, scurrilous, libellous, offensive, obsolete, or in breach of copyright
  • The author decides to remove it

Requests for removal should be addressed to the Repository Manager.

Review of Policy

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Document details:
  • Version 1.4
  • Approved by Research Committee, 3 June 2008