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Published Articles

Varkey, Mothy and Melanchthon, Monica (2020) Teaching Biblical Studies in a Pandemic – India. Journal of Biblical Literature, 139 (3). pp. 613-618. ISSN 0021-9231

Melanchthon, Monica (2019) Scripture and Scriptures in the Worship Space. Liturgy, 34 (2). pp. 12-21. ISSN 0458-063X

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Melanchthon, Monica (2017) Luther on Tamar: A Subaltern Response. Consensus: A Canadian Journal of Public Theology, 38 (1). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2369-2685

Melanchthon, Monica (2015) THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION FOR TRANSFORMATION:INDIA. Colloquium, 47 (2). pp. 237-256. ISSN 0588-3237

Melanchthon, Monica (2013) Translating the Extravagance of Violence. Dialog, 52 (2). pp. 85-87. ISSN 0012-2033

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Melanchthon, Monica (2005) Reconciliation: Feminist Shadings. The International Review of Mission, 94 (372). pp. 117-132.

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Melanchthon, Monica (2003) The Grace of God and the Equality of Human Persons. Dialog, 42 (1). pp. 8-19. ISSN 0012-2033

Melanchthon, Monica (2002) ‘I am the Lord your God, and you shall have no other gods before me’: Identity and Plurality. International Review of Mission, XCI (363). pp. 516-522. ISSN 0020-8582

Melanchthon, Monica (2002) Persecution of Indian Christians. Dialog, 41 (2). pp. 103-113. ISSN 0012-2033

Melanchthon, Monica (1997) The Indian Voice. Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism, 78. pp. 151-160.

Book Chapters

Melanchthon, Monica (2021) Gender, Violence, and the Dalit Psyche: The Jephthah Story Reconsidered (Judges 11 & 12). In: Terror in the Bible: Rhetoric, Gender, and Violence. SBL Press, Atlanta. (In Press)

Melanchthon, Monica (2021) Introduction: Terrorizing and Terrifying Texts in Context. In: Terror in the Bible: Rhetoric, Gender, and Violence. SBL Press, Atlanta. (In Press)

Melanchthon, Monica (2021) Reading for Justice, Dignity and Life: Feminist Interpretations of the Hebrew Bible in South Asia. In: A Textbook on Asian Feminist Biblical Studies. Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Oregon. (In Press)

Melanchthon, Monica (2021) Spotlighting the Bible’s Blind(ing) Spots. In: Bible Blindspots: Dispersion and Othering. Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Oregon. (In Press)

Melanchthon, Monica (2021) Women and Masculinity: Hindu India and Second Temple Judah. In: Bible Blindspots: Dispersion and Othering. Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Oregon. (In Press)

Melanchthon, Monica (2020) Rape Matters: Dinah (Genesis 34) meets Asifa Bano. In: Vulnerability and Resilience: Body and Liberating Theologies. Lexington Books, Lanham, pp. 89-103. ISBN 9781978703636

Melanchthon, Monica (2019) Making Connections: Dinah, Luther and Indian Women. In: The Alternative Luther: Lutheran Theology from the Subaltern. Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, Maryland, pp. 195-214. ISBN 9781978703810

Melanchthon, Monica (2019) A Response to Barbara Rossing from South Asia. In: T & T Handbook to Christian Theology and Climate Change. T & T Clark Bloomsbury, London, pp. 593-596. ISBN 9780567675156

Melanchthon, Monica (2016) Book of Numbers. In: CEB Women’s Bible. United Methodist Publishing House, New York.

Havea, Jione and Melanchthon, Monica (2016) Culture Tricks in Biblical Narrative. In: The Oxford handbook of Biblical narrative. Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 563-572. ISBN 9780190217709

Melanchthon, Monica (2016) Dalits, Bible and Method. In: Voices from the margin : interpreting the Bible in the Third World. 25th Anniversary Edition, ed. Sugirtharajah, R S. Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY, pt I. ISBN 9781626982055

Melanchthon, Monica (2015) The Flight to Egypt: A Migrant Reading – Implications for Lutheran Theology. In: To All the Nations: Lutheran Hermeneutics and the Gospel of Matthew. Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, Leipzig, pp. 153-170.

Melanchthon, Monica (2014) Engaging Women’s Experiences in the Struggle for Justice, Dignity, and Humanity: Hebrew Bible Readings by South Asian Women. In: Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Retrospect. Sheffield Phoenix Press, pp. 51-69.

Melanchthon, Monica (2014) “Protect me from those who are violent!”— Psalm 140: A Cry for Justice, A Song of Hope. In: ). Singing the Songs of the Lord in Foreign lands: Psalms in Contemporary Lutheran Interpretation. LWF Documentation Series(59/2014), eds. Mtata, Kenneth; Niebuhr, Karl-Wilhelm and Rose, Miriam. Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, Leipzig, pp. 33-58.

Melanchthon, Monica (2014) Reading Rizpah across Borders, Cultures, Belongings…all the way to India. In: Bible, Borders, Belongings: Engaging Readings from Oceania. SBL Press, Atlanta, pp. 171-190.

Melanchthon, Monica (2014) Toward Mapping Feminist Biblical Interpretations in Asia. In: Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century: Scholarships and Movement. SBL Press, Atlanta, pp. 105-122.

Melanchthon, Monica (2013) Biblical and Theological Perspectives of Ecumenism: Old Testament Perspective. In: Asian Handbook for Theological Education and Ecumenism. Regnum Books, UK, pp. 115-122.

Melanchthon, Monica (2013) Fragile Dignity: Family, Honor, Scripture. In: Fragile Dignity: Intertextual Conversations on Scriptures, Family and Violence. Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, pp. 309-317. ISBN 9781589838956

Melanchthon, Monica (2013) Mothering Ways and Reconciliation. In: Mission as a Ministry of Reconciliation. Regnum Books, Oxford, pp. 146-159. ISBN 9781908355263

Melanchthon, Monica (2012) Bible, tradition and the Asian context. In: You have the Words of Eternal Life: Transformative Readings of the Gospel of John from a Lutheran Perspective. Lutheran University Press, Minneapolis, pp. 135-150. ISBN 9781932688832

Melanchthon, Monica (2012) A Comparison of the Song to Literature and Film in India. In: Global Perspectives on the Bible. Prentice Hall, New Jersey, pp. 177-179.

Melanchthon, Monica (2012) Lamentations and the Form and Function of Dalit Poetry. In: Global Perspectives on the Bible. Prentice Hall, New Jersey, pp. 195-197.

Melanchthon, Monica (2012) Research, Methodologies, Bible and Marginal Communities in India. In: Margins in Conversation: Methodological Discourses in Theological Disciplines. BTESSC, Bangalore, pp. 1-16.

Melanchthon, Monica (2012) Unleashing the Power Within: The Bible and Dalits. In: The Future of the Biblical Past: Envisioning Biblical Studies on a Global Key. Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, pp. 47-65. ISBN 9781589837034

Melanchthon, Monica (2011) Feminist Pedagogy and Theological Education. In: Teaching Theology in Context: Pedagogical Issues in the New BD Curriculum. Senate of Serampore College, Serampore, West Bengal, pp. 135-147.

Melanchthon, Monica (2011) Practitioner Response to Gerald West’s, “Sacred texts – particularly the Bible and the Qur’an and HIV and AIDS: Charting the Textual Territory”. In: Cartography of HIV and AIDS, Religion and Theology. University of KwaZulu-natal Press, Scottsville, South Africa, pp. 166-169.

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Melanchthon, Monica (2010) Justification, Theological Concepts of, in Asia. In: Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity. Cambridge University Press, New York.

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Melanchthon, Monica (2010) The Servant in the Book of Judith: Interpreting her Silence, Telling her Story. In: Dalit Theology in the 21st Century: Discordant Voices, Discerning Pathways. WCC/OUP, Geneva, pp. 231-251.

Melanchthon, Monica (2010) Storm Sunday: A Commentary on Job 28: 20-27, Psalm 29, 1 Corinthians 1:21-31, Luke 8: 22-25. In: The Season of Creation. Fortress Press, pp. 202-213.

Melanchthon, Monica (2010) Women’s Christian Practices and Theologies (Asia). In: Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity. Cambridge University Press, New York.

Melanchthon, Monica (2009) Liberation Hermeneutics and India’s Dalits. In: The Bible and the Hermeneutics of Liberation. Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, pp. 199-212.

Melanchthon, Monica (2007) Akkamahadevi and the Samaritan Woman: Paradigms of Spirituality and Resistance. In: Border Crossings: Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics, Essays in Honor of Prof. R. S. Sugirtharajah. Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York, pp. 35-54.

Melanchthon, Monica (2007) Women’s Faith and Witness for the Sake of Justice. In: Witnessing in Context: Essays in Honor of Eardley Mendis. Christava Sahitya Samiti, Thiruvalla, pp. 109-123.

Melanchthon, Monica (2005) Dalit Readers of the Word: The Quest for Hermeneutics and Method. In: Frontiers in Dalit Hermeneutics. BTESSC, Bangalore, pp. 45-64.

Melanchthon, Monica (2005) Spirits: The Biblical View. In: Ancestors, Spirits and Healing in Africa and Asia: A Challenge to the Church. LWF, Geneva, pp. 131-144.

Melanchthon, Monica (2004) Accompanying the Suffering: Illustrated with the case of Job’s Wife. In: Waging Peace: Building a World in which Life Matters. Festschrift to Honour Gabriele Dietrich. WINA/ISPCK, New Delhi, pp. 76-84.

Melanchthon, Monica (2004) Facing HIV and AIDS: Some Insights from the Hebrew Bible. In: HIV/AIDS: A Challenge to Theological Education. BTESSC/SATHRI, Bangalore, pp. 77-88.

Melanchthon, Monica (2004) Indian Dalit Women and the Bible: Hermeneutical and Methodological Reflections. In: UNSPECIFIED Continuum, Gender, Religion & Diversity: Cross Cultural Perspectives, pp. 212-224.

Melanchthon, Monica (2004) Song of Songs. In: The Global Bible Commentary. Abingdon, Nashville, pp. 180-185.

Melanchthon, Monica (2002) Communities of Women and the Lutheran Communion. In: Envisioning a Lutheran Communion: Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century. Kirk House Publishers, Minneapolis, Minnesota, pp. 103-123.

Melanchthon, Monica (2002) A Dalit Reading of Genesis 10-11:9. In: Scripture, Community and Mission—Essays in Honor of D. Preman Niles. CCA/CWM, Hong Kong/London, pp. 161-176.

Melanchthon, Monica (2001) The Lutheran Church in North America: A Community on the March. In: Between Vision and Reality: Lutheran Churches in Transition. LWF, Geneva, pp. 275-280.

Melanchthon, Monica (2001) The Lutheran Churches in Africa: Realities, Tensions, Strengths and Deficits. In: Between Vision and Reality: Lutheran Churches in Transition. LWF, Geneva, pp. 133-140.

Melanchthon, Monica (2001) Service, Empowerment and Wholeness - Diaconia in the Lutheran Communion: Regional Variants and Determinants. In: Between Vision and Reality: Lutheran Churches in Transition. LWF, Geneva, pp. 463-474.

Melanchthon, Monica (2000) Christologies: Asia. In: Dictionary of Third World Theologies. Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York, pp. 47-50.

Melanchthon, Monica (1998) The Emerging Identity of the Marginalized in India. In: Communion, Community, Society: The Relevance of the Church. LWF, Geneva, pp. 159-172.

Melanchthon, Monica (1998) Mission in a Multi-Faith Context. In: Mission Today: Challenges and Concerns. Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai, pp. 106-132.

Melanchthon, Monica (1989) Christology and Women. In: We Dare to Dream: Doing Theology as Asian Women. AWRC, Hong Kong, pp. 15-23.

Melanchthon, Monica Shifting and Shrewd Lutheran Identities: Reflections from Asia. In: Blessed are the Peacemakers: Theology, Compassion and Action for a Global Mission. UNSPECIFIED. (Submitted to be assessed for publication)

Books / Monographs

Melanchthon, Monica and Havea, Jione (2010) Women in the Bible and Theological Education. LTC/ISPCK, New Deli.

Melanchthon, Monica (2001) Rejection by God: The History and Significance of the Rejection Motif in the Hebrew Bible. Peter Lang, New York.

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