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    The Birth of Tragedy: Friedrich Nietzsche
    2022 Daniels, Paul ; Schwartz, Carol A.
    German philosopher and poet. The following entry provides criticism of Nietzsche’s philosophical work Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik (1872; The Birth of Tragedy). For additional information about The Birth of Tragedy, see TCLC, Volume 290; for additional information about Nietzsche, see TCLC, Volumes 10, 18, and 55; for additional information about the philosophical work Thus Spoke Zarathustra, see TCLC, Volume 289.
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    John 11-21
    (Wisdom Commentary Series; 44 B ) 2021-12 Coloe, Mary
    The volume concludes the commentary on the Gospel of John begun in volume 44a. It covers from John chapter 11 until chapter 21.
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    ‘Jesus’ Impact on Understandings of Gender: Attending to First Century Dialogue’
    2021-12-11 Douglas, Sally ; Bolt, Peter.
    Jesus’ impact was immediate, costly and scandalous. In Jesus understandings of God are deconstructed and understandings of faithful living recalibrated. This is exemplified, across Gospel accounts, in Jesus’ choice to repeatedly transgress cultural and religious androcentric expectations in living, dying and rising, by engaging people who are women in theology, in ministry and in evangelism. In post resurrection contexts, the impact of Jesus upon understandings of personhood continued. Extraordinary claims about the nullification of gender boundaries began being made while debates raged about the implications of such understandings. Analysis often remains focused on Pauline and Deutero-Pauline texts. This chapter will investigate claims made in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy and examine these in relation to the contrary claims made in the orthodox, first century text of 1 Clement. By attending to the evidence of this first century dialogue, the disruptive significance of Jesus’ impact on understandings of gender is underscored.
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    Female Saints - Women Saints since 1920. A Wider Cirlce?
    2022 Massam, Katharine ; Lisa Isherwood ; Megan Clay
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    ’All Our Time’: Catechetics, Cardijn and the Jesus of Everyday Discipleship
    (Journal for the Academic Study of Religion; 35 (1) ) 2022 Massam, Katharine
    Taking a cue from recent scholarship in Britain, this article explores the role of women as agents for religious change in Catholic classrooms in the mid-years of the twentieth-century. It takes examples from Melbourne, Australia where teachers had been influenced by the YCW (Jocist) method of ‘see, reflect, act’ and Cardijn’s inductive, incarnational theology that challenged the traditional dualism between private faith and public life. In a democratisation of faith commitment, their method of theological reflection invigorated young people with a sense of their responsibility as disciples. Classroom teachers influenced by Jocist formation moved first through strategies designed to communicate relationship with Jesus, then an understanding of salvation history and then through approaches that enabled and encouraged engagement with reflection on experience. The everyday reality of Jesus not as an otherworldly friend but as a potential agent of social transformation is a significant shift from early styles of Catholic spirituality.