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    Emancipatory education: Pipe dream or possibility? A critical and contemporary re-imagining of Paulo Freire’s dialogical pedagogy for Catholic educators, informed by Parker Palmer’s epistemic ontology.
    2022 Leydon, Thomas
    The thesis argues that authentically emancipatory pedagogy, in a twenty-first century context of what Pope Francis calls the “omnipresent technocratic paradigm”, invites a re-imagining of Paulo Freire’s idealism. Critically examining Freire’s pedagogy in retrospect, it applies his spirit of critical dialogue to the times. Via fresh insights from Catholic Social Teaching, we engage Parker Palmer’s educational spirituality for this purpose. Palmer re-integrates the “knowing and “being” essential for contemporary educators yearning to “re-humanise” the vocation.
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    St Cyprian’s Understanding of Synodality as Inclusive of the Laity
    2021 Macharaga, Kenneth
    Synodality is an old concept in the Church, but has recently, with the papacy of Pope Francis (2013-), taken center stage. This thesis approaches the dialogue on synodality from a historical point of view. By exploring the letters of St Cyprian of Carthage the thesis highlights and examines the role(s) that Cyprian gave to the laity in matters of Church governance.
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    Saying by unsaying: The redemptive outworking of Terry Eagleton’s irony
    2021 Curkpatrick, Sam
    Irony is conventionally associated with subversion and self-contradiction, leading toward scepticism. This thesis makes a Christian theological argument that irony can otherwise open possibilities for redemptive engagements within present experience. This view develops from Terry Eagleton’s writings on human experience through an ironic structure that does not simply undercut meaning.
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    Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Trinity
    2020-03 Chua, Reginald Mary
    This thesis analyses St Thomas Aquinas’ Trinitarian theology, with reference to the objection that unity and plurality in God imply contradiction. Drawing upon recent developments in contemporary metaphysics, specifically in metaontology and truthmaker theory, it provides a new interpretation and defence of the coherence of Aquinas’ Trinitarian metaphysics.
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    Faith-based leadership development for young Cambodians for the purpose of building up communities of solidarity
    2020 Park, Jin Hyuk
    This thesis aimed to lay the foundation for a faith-based integrative response to the invitation of a personal and communal journey of young Cambodians into full human liberation. To bring about full human liberation, the building of communities of solidarity is a fundamental task for all, especially for the oppressed and marginalised. This thesis has argued that a faith-based leadership development for young Cambodians is intended for the integrative development of the whole person through personal and communal transformation and that such leadership development is an effective and urgent response to the need to build up communities of solidarity. This thesis has maintained that the purpose of leadership development is to enable young Cambodians to work for the service of the Kingdom of God which can be realised through working together for this community-building commitment. Accordingly, this thesis has explored factors that cultivate agents capable of building communities of solidarity.