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    The Shame of the Old Woman: A Feminist Reading of Psalm 71
    2022-02 Eastwood, Michelle
    Psalm 71 is possibly the only psalm written by an old person. This thesis asks, what happens if the psalmist speaks in the voice of an old woman? What are the different resonances that can be heard? This thesis employs an interdisciplinary methodology drawing together feminist, phenomenological, and literary theories. The feminist methodology places women’s perspective at the centre of understanding as an intentional counter-voice to perspectives of the psalms that prioritise Davidic authorship and masculine themes. The phenomenological focus considers the impact of lived experience, particularly at the intersection of marginalised identities and faith journey’s, on the way the text is heard. Literary theory draws these elements together through iterative readings with the goal of understanding the perspective of old women through the lens of Psalm 71. The research question is answered through a two-part exploration of the psalm. Firstly, an academic literary approach considers the compositional context, linguistic and literary features, and proposes a new structure through which the psalm can be understood. Secondly, the psalm is ‘heard’ through the lived experiences of six old women’s encounter with the psalm. Exploration of the psalm’s key themes of shame and ageing provides a conceptual framework to guide the reading of Psalm 71, particularly from the perspective of the old woman. The women’s understanding of the psalm is understood in terms of embodiment, connection and disconnection, communal and individual perspectives, scripture and authority, and perspectives of readers and reading on the reception of the text. The women read the psalms within the context of worship and liturgy, bible studies, and in conversation with members of their faith community. Listening to the perspective of the old woman, and her experience of shame and ageing, allows the contemporary reader of Psalm 71 to engage and hear a fresh message in this ancient text.
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    Cyprian of Carthage and the Australian Anglican Episcopate.
    2021 Hopkins, Luke
    Hopkins' thesis brings the theological weight and pragmatism of third century bishop and martyr Cyprian of Carthage to bear on the problems facing the contemporary Anglican episcopate in Australia. ln doing so, it examines the vision of episcopacy within the Cyprianic corpus and as well as the development of the Anglican episcopate over the last five hundred years. lt is argued that Cyprian's vision of episcopacy provides an adaptive approach to episcopacy that retains certain core episcopal principals. This thesis concludes that a better examination of Cyprian is of value for bishops in the twenty-first century.
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    Synodality and Authenticity: Towards a Contemporary Ecclesiology for the Catholic Church
    2021 Roper, Elissa
    This thesis establishes foundations that support the development of an ecclesiology of synodality, which provides a new lens through which to perceive the identity and nature of the Catholic Church. Using the theology and method of Bernard Lonergan - and critiquing biblical, conciliar, and papal sources - foundations are developed for a Church that is dialogical, mature, merciful, and authentic.
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    Marqus (Mark) Ibn al-Qunbur Commentary on the Book of Genesis (1-11) An Edition and Translation
    2021 Malek, Amir
    Marqus (Mark) Ibn al-Qunbur was a 12th century Coptic monk and priest, a prolific teacher and writer. Of his surviving works is a significant commentary on the Pentateuch. This thesis offers a first edition with an apparatus of Ibn Qunbur's commentary on Genesis 1-11 together with a first English translation and commentary.
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    Reimagining Marist Formation for Deeper Interiority: A Conversation between Traditional Sources and Thomas Merton’s Conception of Inner Experience
    2021-01 Dobbyn, Kevin
    A conversation between the foundational sources of Marcellin Champagnat’s Marist spirituality and Thomas Merton’s conception of ‘inner experience’ can ground a formation for deeper interiority, enabling the Little Brothers of Mary to live more fully the transcendence of the self in consecrated life for the 21st century.