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    Sahidic Coptic Leviticus: Its Manuscripts Witnesses and Its Text
    2020-06-01 St Demiana, Antonia
    This study considers the Sahidic Coptic biblical codices of Leviticus and other existing fragments and folios attesting the Sahidic Leviticus text. Since the reconstruction of the Sahidic Old Testament has received so little attention until recent times, one of the main aims of this work is to fully document the manuscript evidence of this Sahidic Pentateuch book and to conduct a codicological investigation and reconstruction of its codices and fragments. The most codicologically and textually complete manuscript of Sahidic Leviticus is M566. It is one of only three complete extant Sahidic Old Testament Bible codices; and its edition, text, and translation are presented here for the first time. Previous scholarship on the reconstruction of dispersed Sahidic Leviticus fragments and manuscript leaves has been surveyed, resulting in the unification of codices previously considered to be independent of one another. New Leviticus fragments have also been identified and virtually placed within their original respective codices. The lack of research into the evolution of various Sahidic biblical texts is the impetus for the second part of this thesis, which is an introductory textual study and translation analysis of the text of Sahidic Leviticus. The texts of the Sahidic Leviticus witnesses have been evaluated and compared, resulting in preliminary observations on both the nature of the Sahidic version, and the relationship between the Sahidic translation of Leviticus and the text of Greek Leviticus.
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    The opening and the entering are a single act: Divine and human agency in the realization of union in Meister Eckhart
    2022 Knauf, Christopher
    Unlike other medieval writers who schematize spiritual itineraries and prescribe ascetical means for coming to an awareness of oneness with God, Meister Eckhart is critical of such methods. This provokes the question concerning human agency: what would Eckhart have us do to realize the ultimate potential of every human soul?
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    Dwelling on the Edge: A Spiritual Director Hears Contemporary Women Respond to the Beguine Mystics
    2022 Lambert, Catherine
    This interdisciplinary study explores the value of exemplars from the edge of the Christian tradition for the practice of spiritual direction. The project introduced a group of contemporary Australian women to the lives and writings of thirteenth-century beguine mystics and sought their responses. Overall, the struggle to discover their own inner spiritual authority connected the women across centuries. In identifying this resonance, the contemporary women developed a relationship with the beguines that transformed and influenced their own journeys.
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    Martin Luther’s ‘Common Priesthood’: Its Boundaries and Horizons
    2021 Whittall, Roger
    The thesis demonstrates that Luther’s teaching on the common priesthood was a persistent and pervasive element of his ecclesiology, the church as the communion of saints. Its focus is on the common priesthood in the Christian community, beyond its contentious relationship to the church’s ordained ministry.
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    Cosmology and the Cosmic Journey in the Book of Revelation: The Experience of Story-Space and Conflicting Visions of Reality
    2021 Rothman, Joel
    Revelation draws the hearer into its story-space, a four-layered cosmos of hyper-heaven, sky-heaven, earth, and abyssal depths. The spatial construction has ideological import: in the conflicted sky-heaven empire is exposed as draconian, thus demanding nonparticipation in its social and economic practices, while the transformative hyper-heaven makes nonparticipation a genuine option.