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    No place to stand: Bidirectional readings of biblical narratives through the lens of moral injury
    2022 'Shibaoka, Atsushi.'
    Moral injury emerged as a deeply debilitating experience among veterans of recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This interdisciplinary research is located at the interphase of military chaplaincy care, theological, and biblical studies. The thesis analyses moral injury as a war syndrome (i.e., deleterious impacts of war) associated with significant conflicts since 1861. Theological insights from Brian Powers contribute to building a ‘lens of moral injury’ which is then used for bidirectional reading of texts that places experience of veterans alongside those of biblical characters. The methodology differs from other approaches that typically diagnose moral injury in the biblical characters. Through the lens, a ‘force field of grace’ is discerned in God’s unfolding acts of mercy. This becomes the basis for hope for all who struggle with moral injury. An integrated approach towards moral injury and moral repair is proposed with emphasis on prevention and preparation for those sent into moral, as well as mortal danger.
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    Challenging history and telling herstory: an interdisciplinary exploration of the intersection of claims for equality and women’s lived experiences of officership in The Salvation Army in Australia.
    2023 Faragher, Christine
    The Salvation Army began with a seemingly clear commitment to the equality of women and men in ministry, however, this narrative is contradicted by women’s lived experience of officership. A significant gap exists between the ideal and the real. This thesis explores the contours of the gap, revealing its historical, theological, cultural, and practical origins. Utilising a feminist hermeneutic of suspicion, it challenges the dominant historical narrative regarding Catherine Mumford-Booth and her written defences of women’s preaching and ministry roles. In doing so, it recovers a more grounded and life-giving image of this important historical figure. Its empirical work also allows the voices of contemporary Australian women officers to be heard, revealing the ways in which gendered inequality has been manifested and experienced in their ministry lives. It suggests theological resources for moving towards reimagined gender relations within the movement and the closure of the gap.
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    From Eden to Interstellar Space: Thomas Nagel, biblical hermeneutics and the search for ‘the true extent of reality’
    2022 'Beattie, Sarah A.'
    The thesis critiques reductionist approaches to the interpretation of biblical narrative and explores a constructive, expansionist approach in which a biblical perspective of the human condition and our relationship to the world in which we live is complementary, rather than in opposition, to a scientific perspective.
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    A critical comparative analysis of four, church-based, intercultural initiatives in the multicultural city of Melbourne
    2022 'Holdsworth, Susan.'
    This study of four, church-based, intercultural initiatives sought to discover ways in which love of God and neighbour was expressed. The motivations of many participants were more characteristic of the principles and practice of pastoral care than traditional modes of mission and evangelism. Ongoing formation in pastoral and spiritual care is recommended.
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    A Sociological Investigation of the Religiosity and Spirituality of Australian Generation X Catholics: Who They Are and What They Believe
    2022-09 'Westmore-Peyton, C.'
    This thesis drew on data from in-depth interviews of 28 Australian Generation X Catholics (born 1965–1980) who attended Catholic schools, were raised as Catholics with two Catholic parents, and attended Mass weekly with their parents whilst growing up.